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PHP is the heart of millions of Websites

If you are thinking of developing a website, there are many technology options available to you. Out of all these, you might want to consider PHP for your needs.

Here’s why:

  • According to Wikipedia, there are around 244 million websites running on PHP
  • One of the biggest reasons for such a huge popularity of PHP is its Open Source format. That means anyone can have the code and make changes to it. It is not locked down or tied up to specific vendor.
  • PHP is open source and free. Because of its popularity, lot of things are already built up by someone and you can just build on top of it.
  • PHP enables fast implementation for complex solutions. This enables business to launch the application in market in shortest possible time. Less time to build means more time to market.
  • PHP is very flexible and can be easily integrated on any platform. So, it works on Linux, Windows, you name it.
  • PHP is really easy to integrate with other technologies. So there is no need to redevelop existing solutions.
  • Because PHP is free, there are already lot of material on the net (and growing) and any sort of help is easily available.
  • There are various frameworks which are built on top of PHP. Those include, WordPress, Joomla, Code Igniter, etc. These frameworks accelerate the speed of development web applications.
  • PHP is easily scalable to any level. So, it’s easily can handle single page sites and full features heavy weight web applications, with equal ease.

Web Development with PHP at TaxSmart

We at TaxSmart have always strived for excellence in whatever we do. PHP development is no exception. We know what it takes to develop simple and complex websites in PHP. We have expert PHP developers who can deliver solution which meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

Quality PHP development goes a long way in making your website a class apart. So, if are looking to develop an e-commerce website, SaaS application or any type of website in PHP, then we can surely help. Contact Us to get started.