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Top Apps That Helps You Stick to Your Goals

Old Times people have assistants for reminding them their daily schedules, but these people were and are few. Now in the modern world, the contemporary cell phone app are very popular whether these are downloading app, monitoring app, health care app and those app which are perfect to stick to your goals.

These applications are very popular because it works on your smartphone and always on standby being your personal assistant. Here are some following applications which would be your best personal assistant in order to keep you on the track.

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The Top 7 Simple App Ideas that Made MILLIONS for their Owners

Every app entrepreneur seems to share a very similar reoccurring dream.

At the beginning of this dream, you own a mobile app, and it is mentioned in a single Facebook post. Then, people begin to share this Facebook post with their friends.

Shortly afterwards, a major news outlet picks up on the story of your beloved app. You find out that the news outlet has already written an article over your app, and has shared it with their massive network of readers. Your app begins to receive mind-blowing levels of media attention. Even bigger news outlets begin to cover your app’s story.

Then, you turn on the television in your living room and realize that your app is being featured on the World Business Report. It goes absolutely viral. Your app becomes ranked in the top 10 of its category within a matter of days, and eventually breaks into the #1 spot.

You’re suddenly a multi-millionaire!

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Not Making Money With Your Apps? Try This!

Making mobile apps is not an easy process – especially when you are starting from idea, right up to launching the app. Lot of steps are involved including brainstorming of ideas, short listing the functionalities, making prototypes, reiterating on the model and finally; there you have a working App.

To get paid back for your efforts, you have to make money out of it. The monetising strategy that you opt will directly influence the popularity of your app. Here are some smart ways with which you can make money quite quickly right after the app is ready:

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