Old Times people have assistants for reminding them their daily schedules, but these people were and are few. Now in the modern world, the contemporary cell phone app are very popular whether these are downloading app, monitoring app, health care app and those app which are perfect to stick to your goals.

These applications are very popular because it works on your smartphone and always on standby being your personal assistant. Here are some following applications which would be your best personal assistant in order to keep you on the track.

Strides app:


Strides app is one of the most popular and user-friendly application. The user just needs to set their preferences initially for the sake of reminder. These reminders once set by the users then a user will never forget to obey the daily routine. You just need to have the goal in your mind than just need to set a target in the Strides app then put your all worries to rest.

The applications will give you the reminder on hours, days, and month and even for the whole year then specify the action your need to abide to change into a habit. The application allows you to follow the track regularly in order to achieve any goal.

All the data which you have put into the application automatically sync to your particular account and then you will be able to view your latest stats and you can check it even from the web, a smartphone or from your personal computer PC’s/MAC and windows.

If you would like to see the whole timetable and graphs of your performance, then you will be happy to see that you are doing well with the help of this particular app. You only require to do is to set your own preferences and tell the software to give you a reminder to input that what you need to do and what not do.

GoalsOnTrack app:

GoalsOnTrack app

This particular application is very familiar to those who really want to stick to their plans which are based on aims for specific, countable, acquirable, reality based and time taking. This app known as GoalsOnTrack enable you to get your destiny by dividing into smaller portions which give you a hope that it is not difficult to attain.

It also offers user different sort of animations, offline tracking in order to train you to fulfill all the requirements to achieve your specific goal or tasks. The app is usable through the web and through the smartphone. It also offers you journaling feature to write Thorley about your certain goals and progress.

Coach.me app:


Accidently I am also using coach.me app, so it’s my personal opinion that this application gives you the stuff which you have not experience any time ever before. It gives you coaching and leadership coaching quality and service in particular to its free of the coast cell phone app.

The user interfaces and is very handy and user-friendly. It will provide you coaching that how are it possible to stick with your goals on regular basis. You just need to set a goal first, monitor your progress and get rewards for sticking with your plans and goals and got plenty of advantages to have a community and ask questions you want.

You will never need to have a professional coach. This will prove to be your best coach ever.

Rewire app:


The well-known Rewire is actually for an android operating system and it benefits you and it was developed on a thought of streaks can be used to determined you stick with it. It has the power to encourage you to go ahead to get your targeted goals regularly along with the availability of graphs for your performance.

You can also set individual preferences on your goals within an order for your personal life, health, work and things alike. It also provides you reminder along with exact timing which you have set initially.

Balanced app:

Balanced app

Balanced app is the pretty different app as compare to the rest of goal setting apps it enables you to fully determine on all little and larger things which you think that should be present in your daily goals.

This particular app would be the best option for you to increase the level of happiness and satisfaction to achieve any target as compare to all others. The app is very user-friendly and has little animations whenever you make something happen. The application provides you complete control on your daily settled routine within the application as a reminder.


No doubt we have chosen state of the art goal settings app along with the groundbreaking features.

Every individual who needs to achieve something in their life and he/she is suffering to catch the daily routine, then these goal settings apps would be the best opportunity to catch without any payment.

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