Engagement models

Taxsmart Technologies has great experience working in different modules for our clients. A wealthy experience in servicing a broad range of industry sectors we have been empower by businesses world over with inventive solutions tailor-made to meet particular requirements.

Outsourcing is the well-organized manner to reduce spending and enjoy the remuneration of state-of-the art infrastructure, the most talents resources and well-organized project management. Outsourcing not only helps businesses and entrepreneurs cut expenses; it is also the most winning business model that ensures a high degree of quality.

Time & Material Pricing Model

In Time & Material pricing model, the cost of the project depends on the time we spend & number of resources deployed on that project. This model is useful where the client is uncertain of the completing time required for the project and when the requirements are quite difficult or prone to changes time and again.

This engagement model provides greater elasticity when budding a product or specification on a regular basis and making the changes based on the varying market needs.

Benefits of working with the T&M model:

  • Provision of well-built business analysis, market study and project administration
  • Provides business solution for complicated business struggle, utilizing various skills and tools
  • Ensures tangible benefits and computable results for judgment of the project

Fixed Cost Pricing

Fixed cost pricing is a low risk option, which one can kick off when the scope of a project is clear along with its needs and end result. We offer project-based pricing in domain wherein we have the required skill and well-defined assessment tools to determine the reserve commitments.

This model ensures consistency and certainty. Taxsmart Technologies assure to deliver optimized results of these projects on time and within cost.

Benefits of in Fixed-based pricing model:

  • The scope and cost is predetermined and identified at the outset hence everything is clearly spelled out and arranged upon beforehand.
  • Risk to both parties is very less along with scope. Risk cutback is because of the amount of effort that precedes the agreement phase.
  • Taxsmart Technologies offers consult services during the specification stage so that the detailing and documentation is accurate and precise.

The BOT Engagement model

This Build-Operate-Transfer Model is best suitable for software companies who are paying attention in globalization and growth. The model suits those who want to reap the benefits of an offshore centre but are innocent and worried about the risks involved. In this model, companies could speedily commence offshore operations and own an entire offshore facility with a minimal risk and investment. Here are the few steps for the engagement model:

  • Construct an offshore capability for the customer using Taxsmart Technologies knowledge, experience and infrastructure.
  • Taxsmart Technologies will operate the offshore facility and modify it to suit and satisfy the client’s needs related to software development and employment of technology professionals
  • Transfer of possession of the facility along with resources to the client.

Benefits of working with BOT model:

  • Reduces organization Overhead
  • Control Costs for ISVs and Tech companies.
  • Flexibility in timings and continuous services
  • Ongoing cross Management Services
  • Boost in post-transfer management support options
  • Reduces your wear and tear with access to world class resources and facilities
  • Enhances security measures

Dedicated Team

This is most cost-effective engagement model for clients who do not want to maintain in-house developers for the project. You can hire entire team of developer/designers with us to work on your project. The team would be using the latest of equipment resources and would be working as an extended arm to your company. They would directly report to you, making it easy to observe progress.

Benefits of working with Dedicated Team:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Dedicated developers to work only on your project
  • Directly report to you and you can watch their progress
  • Best suits projects that do not have a clear scope