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Website Development

TaxSmart Technologies provides high quality web development and Design services to enhance your web presence.


iPhone App Development

iPhone Development

With experience of creating 150+ iPhone apps, TaxSmart Technologies can create amazing iPhone app from your idea.



Android Development

We believe we can create Android apps which can become one of the top best selling apps in Google Play Store.


Digital Marketing

Increase your website traffic and rank in the top search engines with our assured successful Digital Marketing services.

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Recent Projects

Island State

Island-state.com is a premium Australian ecommerce site for swim wear and resort wear.

Our Role:
We did SEO work for this site including optimizing the site for SEO, On-page, Off page optimization and keyword ranking on Google.co.au.

Technology Used:
SEO, On Page, Off Page optimization.

Split Screen App

One of the most popular Utility for Mac is developed by us. It has more than 1,20,000 users worldwide. It has been ranked as Top 5 Paid App in Utilities category.

Our Role:
Developed 3 various of the app: Split Screen, Split Screen Pro and Split Screen Ultimate.

Technology Used:
Cocoa, Mac OS, XCode, Sandboxing, Accessibility API

Describe It (SLP)

Describe it is an iOS game app designed by Speech Language Pathologists to help children understand various aspects of describing vocabulary.

Our Role:
We developed the app from scratch and provided regular support.

Technology / Tools used:
XCode, Objective-c, SQLite,

Convert Units

Convert Units for Free is one of the most popular Unit Conversion app since 2009. It has a huge fan base of around 24 million users. 

Our Role:
Our responsibility includes new UI implementation, adding new features, Bug fixing based on user reviews and improve overall experience of the user. 

Technology / Tools used:
XCode,Objective-c, SQLite, Webservices

Card Lust App

Card Lust is a beautiful app for custom handmade greeting cards.  The design of the app is so unique that it won the Best App of 2013 award from Vogue Magazine (UK).

Our Role:
Client already had iPhone app and wanted the app in Android. We created the exactly iPhone app clone in Android.

Technology / Tools used:
Android SDK, Eclipse, SQLite

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