When you need to monetize your free app, there’s generally one tried and true method of bringing in the cash flow – serving mobile advertisements. It’s arguably the greatest way to generate revenue when your app is listed as ‘Free’ in the App Store or Google Play marketplace. When served correctly – certain mobile ad formats have been known to generate click-through rates as high as 10% or even greater. But when you’re delivering wonky and obtrusive banner ads to your prized app users, you can probably expect to at least annoy them, or even worse – turn them off from using your app again in the future.

The good news is that there are excellent methods of serving ads without annoying the awesome, highly-valued users of your app.

We’ve performed our due diligence for you, and determined the Top 5 Tips on How to Serve Ads Without Annoying App Users so that you have a much greater likelihood of keeping your app users as happy as possible well into the future.

1. Consider serving mobile ads that are “niched down” and highly-relevant

mobile ad networks

When determining which kind of ads to serve on your mobile app, you’ll typically be working with a popular mobile ad network such as AdMob or InMobi. Or, you’ll be partnering with businesses directly and displaying their ads exclusively.

You may even want to use a combination of these advertising techniques!

But in either case – you’ll likely want to ensure that your mobile ads are highly targeted, relevant and extremely likeable. This can be performed by filtering through your ad network’s settings in order to determine the specific types of ads that you’d like to serve to your users. Or, if you’re choosing a company to partner with directly, then you’ll need to make sure that you’re selecting a brand that resonates with your users! This will help to ensure that your advertiser is displaying effective ads, and that you’re only utilizing ads on your app that are generating the maximum revenue possible.

2. Think of ads as an opportunity rather than a disturbance

Think of ads as an opportunity rather than a disturbance

When most people think of ads, they think of obtrusive banners or annoying, miniature sales pitches which distract users from their gameplay or overall user-experience. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Realistically, the best in-app ads are actually promoted as *opportunities* to users, rather than disturbances. Try to work with a network or exclusive partner that will deliver actual value to your users through their offer, so that your users won’t feel annoyed or even misled when they click on your ads.

3. App lists and panels are usually your (best) friend

App lists and panels

When you need a go-to method of in-app advertising that has proven to provide many app publishers with generous eCPMs, you may want to consider utilizing targeted app lists and panels in your app. App lists and panels provide users with various options of relevant apps to choose from and then install. It’s kind of like giving your users the choice of which advertisements they’d like to choose from. The numbers don’t lie, and show that app lists and panels usually outperform interstitials, banners and native ads. As always, it’s still best to test and tweak your in-app ads until you figure out which style of ad works best for your particular app.

4. Choosing the right interstitial and exit ad is extremely important

Interstitials ads

Interstitials are those massive ads which users are prompted to view in-between gameplay or while simply using a free app. They’re highly-effective at attracting click-through’s, but are often referred to as being “extremely annoying” if executed improperly. This is why it’s so important to use a highly-targeted interstitial ad in your app which will add serious value to the lives of your users!

Exit ads are similar in appearance to interstitials, but they’re instead displayed when a user exits your app. Exit ads can be even more effective than interstitials for this reason – because a user is leaving your app and is likely seeking another form of entertainment. So show them a valuable exit ad and earn their revenue!

5. Kill your boring static ads that no one’s clicking anyway

Kill your boring static ads

Utilizing video-rich media, animations and interactive ads are all exceptional ways to attract the swaying attention of your users. Static ads are a dying breed which is failing to capture the high-performing minds of smartphone users – at least in comparison to new-age advertising alternatives. Betting on the future of video ads over the outlook of static one’s is a very fair wager to make.

Overall, mobile users have become annoyed with irrelevant, unhelpful ads which serve very little purpose in their lives. But there’s a new trend in mobile advertising that’s beginning to emerge. Mobile ads are becoming more in-depth, attractive and relevant than ever before. As greater mobile market research and consumer data becomes available, mobile ads will become more “targeted” than they’ve ever been in the past.

While the traditional models of mobile advertising will likely continue to generate profitable CTR’s and eCPMs for years to come – publishers and advertisers alike will need to adapt to the ever-changing world of mobile advertising to remain ahead of the pack.

Embrace this change to the fullest, and you’ll likely find wild success in your mobile-advertising future. And you won’t be annoying your app users in the process either.

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