Mobile apps have come an extremely long way in recent years, but the industry continues to re-innovate itself with each and every new year that passes. And the year of 2015 is one that has shown major signs of shocking new trends that have been brought to life in the world of mobile. From wearing fashionable new Apple Watch technology, to paying for a frothy Mocha Frappuccino with only your Starbucks app – it’s a surprising and exciting time to be alive and involved with the ever-evolving sphere of world apps.

We’ve analyzed some of the recent trends in mobile for you, and combined them with what’s happening in the space right now to bring you The Top 7 Trends of Mobile Apps in 2015.

1. Deep linking

Deep linking Mobile App

Deep linking is the future of how marketers and advertisers will get you to view a specific page or product within a mobile app. It’s going to be important to know what this is – because it’s how companies will attempt to sell to you in 2015 via mobile apps. When you click on a deep link on your mobile device, you’ll essentially be sent to a product or offer page within a mobile app. It’s the mobile-app-version of sending you directly to a sales page! Clever, right? Marketers rejoice, buyers beware.

2. Mobile e-commerce

mobile ecommerce

The underlying goal of many mobile app marketers has been to get consumers to actually begin and complete their purchases on their mobile devices. Mobile users have had no problem with using apps to browse and search for products in the past. But, getting consumers to hit the ‘purchase’ button on mobile has been a bit difficult – as spenders have typically returned to desktop PC’s to finalize their purchases through e-commerce instead. However, 2015 is different – and m-commerce is finally beginning to take off. With trusted names like Amazon, Uber and Snapdeal leading the scene, mobile e-commerce is only becoming more trusted by consumers.

3. Multiplayer games

clash of clans game

Clash of Clans launched one of the largest advertising campaigns that the world had ever seen for a mobile app in 2014. In 2015, the world will continue to witness more multiplayer games entering the mobile app scene as consumers demand greater online interactions in their user experience. It’s prime time to launch that online, strategy-based multiplayer game that brings users together in one centrally-located mobile app. Time to get developing!

4. Social networking

Social networking

Many people thought that the industry of social networking had reached a peak state of users in 2014, which was true in a way, since Facebook’s number of active users began to show signs of decline throughout the year. But, the company has expanded in different avenues since purchasing Instagram and WhatsApp – two of the hottest social networking apps in the world. With Snapchat and Twitter still high in the mobile social networking scene as well – social networking is a mobile app trend that isn’t slowing down at all in 2015.

5. Wearables

The Apple Watch and Fitbit are obvious leaders of the wearable-technology movement, which combines the glamour of wearing fashionable high-tech devices with the smarts of utilizing mobile-app components. It’s the first year that wearables have really taken off in popularity, with much thanks in part to Apple.


Developing mobile apps for the Apple Watch has turned into sort of a frenzy as of late, with dev teams rushing to become first-to-market. You can bet that wearables and their accompanying apps will continue to flourish in popularity in 2015 and beyond.

6. Mobile pay

Integrating the ability to pay for traditional, brick-and-mortar products with a mobile app has become one of the sweetest trends to come around to mobile in 2015. Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal are all making noise in the retail world by urging consumers to use their respective app’s to pay for regular, everyday purchases with only their smartphone’s.

Mobile pay

This is a trend that won’t die out anytime soon. We can see this sticking around well into the future. Put away your wallet and keep your smartphone handy. These methods of mobile payment will prove to be wildly valuable in the near future.

7. Phablets & more comprehensive mobile apps

In case you haven’t noticed, smartphone screens have seemingly become much larger in recent years. This is a trend that has led to the emergence of phablets – a combination of smartphone and tablet which floats at around 5.5 to 7 inches in size. The iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 5 and Samsung Note have already proven what’s possible in the world of phablets – and have demonstrated the “ballooning” trend of smartphone devices that will continue to flourish in 2015 and beyond.

Phablets & more comprehensive mobile apps
What this means for mobile apps is that there will be an emergence of more-intensive gameplay, larger screen “real estate” for more detailed app functionalities, plus the benefit of simply having more room to work with on your mobile device. Your index finger will thank you for the phablet. No more accidentally pressing the wrong letters on your touchscreen keypad.

The trends of mobile apps in 2015 are already beginning to take off with amazing new wearables, in-store mobile payment methods and multiplayer games that are all available to consumers right at this very moment.

Whether you want to develop the next big app for the Apple Watch, or launch a worldwide campaign for your MMO strategy-based mobile game, the time to take action is right now, because the competition is already out there.

Or, maybe you’d like to just hang back and take advantage of using Google Wallet for your next big shopping trip. That’s fine too. You may even want to simply travel the world and use WhatsApp to text all of your new international friends, free-of-charge.

Regardless of what you happen to be doing in 2015 – we bet that mobile apps will become an important part of your year.

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