Business moves at the speed of light.  A business can either sink or swim based on its ability to keep pace with technology.  From iPhone app development to web development, effective use of technology can help bring your business to the next level.  But how exactly do you do that?  Here are 8 ways.

1. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Everyone has a smartphone these days.  Harness the power of that to market your business to an ever-expanding pool of potential customers.  Think of a smartphone as a mobile advertising opportunity.  You can communicate with your audience instantly.  You can keep up with your business operations from the palm of your hand.  Mobile app development is relatively cost effective and has the potential for big payoff.  That makes it a fantastic option for start-up businesses.

2. Recognition

The Internet should also be a partner in your business operations.  Creating an online presence is integral to a business’ success these days – that almost goes without saying.  An online presence sets the tone for your business, creates buzz and puts you top of mind for potential customers.  A business without an online personality will have a very hard time standing out.

3. Interaction

There’s no secret that social media is an effective way both to reach out to potential customers and interact with current customers.  Millions of people make social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook part of their daily routines.  Take advantage of that by establishing a solid social media presence.  It’s not enough to have a Twitter account, however.  To really help your business fly, send out regular tweets and be sure your Facebook page is updated at least daily.  Doing these things will help to keep your business top of mind for customers.  That’s very important when it comes to standing out against the competition.

Post Planner

Don’t want to take the time to post every day?  No problem.  Third-party products such as PostPlanner work from within Facebook.  Using PostPlanner, you can pre-write your posts in advance and they will be posted automatically.  That allows you to keep up with your social media postings while you take care of other things.

4. Automation

Technology allows you to automate so many of the processes that help your business flourish.  Instead of wasting precious time and resources on repetitive, mundane tasks, you can automate those tasks so you can concentrate on higher-level decision making for your business.


A perfect example of that is “If This, Then That” or IFTTT.  Essentially, it signals an action to happen based on the occurrence of another action.  The formula, then, goes like this:  If x happens, it should automatically signal y to happen.  The “x” part of the formula is known as the trigger, and the “y” part is the action.  So, an example of the IFTTT recipe could look like this:

If I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, send me a text message.


If I check in on Foursquare, update my Facebook status.

These recipes automate process and save you time and effort while still performing all of these tasks without compromise.

5. Collaboration


As mentioned before, the Internet allows us to collaborate in ways we never could before.  With tools such as Google Hangouts and Skype, we can share ideas, information and files with anyone around the world virtually instantly.

6. Simplification

Technology can also simplify your business operations.  The more you do online and via computer and smartphone apps, the less paper clutter you’ll create.  That makes for a streamlined, easy-to-track flow of information that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

7. Integration


Technology allows businesses to integrate their processes, advertising efforts and information in virtually innumerable ways.  That creates a kaleidoscope of possibilities for efficient and effective business operations and advertising possibilities.  Social media, for example, allows businesses to have a two-way communication with customers.  Couple that with smartphone apps that allow you to stay in the palm of your customers’ hands every day.  Integration is a very powerful business tool.

8. Protection


Technology allows you to control access to information within your company and from the outside.  That allows you to keep your business information safe and secure.  Assign security clearance levels with passwords and ensure that only the relevant parties are privy to your personal business information.  Don’t let your secrets out!

Technology can propel your business in almost endless ways.  From your daily business operations to advertising and customer service, technology such as smartphone apps and web development initiatives can bring your business to the next level – and keep it there.

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