Pocket Lexi


Requirement : iOS 4.0 or later.

Compatible: iPad

Pocket Lexi is a unique eBook reader application designed specifically for educational and therapeutic purposes. Pocket Lexi comes with it’s own eBook store containing books prepared with interactive features targeted for specific language skills, word replacements, and reading comprehension.

Each interactive activity is scored in the background along with the quantitative reports which can be viewed, recorded and analyzed within the application.

The app includes an index for bookmarking. Each eBook comes bundled with both a matching game and various jigsaw puzzles, each with varying degrees of difficulty for students of different ages. The app also allows for students or parents to record their own voice reading the app as well as listening to the pre-recorded narration, self-narration, or no narration.

Pro Version Includes:
1. A comprehension test at the end of each book to evaluate the reader’s ability to assimilate the information presented.

2. Ability to simultaneously use the books with multiple children, allowing the children to take turns on different pages, keeping the scores associated with the individual students.

3. Ability to send reports via electronic mail.

4. Corrects problem of missing books in the application library with added notifications option.

View in AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/pocket-lexi/id479400049?mt=8

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