Project Description

VPCA (Vadodara Power Cut Alerts) (Beta Version) is a unique app which alerts you whenever there is a scheduled power cut in your area. You will also be reminded on the day of power cut so that you can plan your activities accordingly.

MGVCL (Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd) generally gives ads in newspapers informing about scheduled power outage. But most of the times, these ads go un-noticed. So when we arrive in office we find the power just went out and it would “take half a day for power to restore”.

This causes a lot of manpower loss and creates frustration as work schedule gets disturbed. So we decided to create this app to save time and reduce the trouble which lot of Vadodara residents and corporates are facing currently.This app is solely created to solve the problem of our city and not for any monetary purpose. That’s why its free and does not contain any ads.