Project Description

School Writing is an Android app that contains the education approved fonts used in schools. School Writing allows the teacher or parent to create lessons using written instructions, unique images and audio instructions, to which the student can respond using written and audio recordings.

Completed lessons can be automatically emailed to the teacher or parent with the student’s tracings and recordings. With tracing accuracy turned on to easy, medium or hard the students are rewarded with a half or full star depending on their accuracy. They are given three attempts before automatically advancing to the next letter or number.

The ‘Whiteboard’ section allows a teacher to draw or import images, with unique audio instructions. Students can trace and record audio answers. You can create, save and share your own word lessons, profiles and customisations to suit your curriculum, with complete control over the management of the lessons, the app and the student profiles. You can lock the app into a restricted student mode.This app comes with full import and export functions.

Project Review by App Owner

“A great team and trustworthy”