Project Description

Fame Face app challenges your facial recognition skills by making you guess the celebrity whose face is hidden behind a square of tiles. You get a limited number tiles that you tap away with your fingertips. As you slowly reveal areas of the image, you might already know whose hiding behind. If so, then guess the name.

If not, continue tapping the tiles until you do know. The fewer tiles you reveal, the more points you’ll earn. You also have the advantage of knowing if you’re guessing the first, last or full name and you get a set of letters from which you can build that name. So, you could potentially just make a few guesses judging by the combinations of letters you have.

Guess correctly and earn points. If you’ve revealed all the tiles allowed and have no clue as to the answer, you can get a free hint and lifeline from a friend. Fame Face is an extremely easy to play app and keeps you entertained.