Many of us already know by now that mobile is becoming one of the hottest platforms in the world. It’s quick and easy to use, in-demand, and is becoming more prevalent in the eye of the public each and every day. Mobile is the future – if it isn’t already the biggest thing that’s happening right now. It’s projected that there will be more than 2.56 billion smartphone users on a worldwide scale by 2018. That’s over one-third of all consumers in the world.

If it isn’t already clear – the mobile space and mobile apps in particular are massive opportunities that are ripe for the taking. It’s still a very young industry that will see massive growth in the coming years. And there are ample opportunities remaining for those ambitious businessmen, entrepreneurs and sales teams that are interested in seizing their own share of the mobile marketplace.

Mobile apps provide a great way for businesses to interact with, retain and sell to more customers. But your sales team still has to figure out one of the trickiest parts of mobile marketing – how to actually win more customers via mobile apps. So we’ve decided to do the research for you – and provide you with some of the greatest tips when determining How Your Sales Team Can Win More Customers via Mobile Apps.

1. Mobile apps are killing off the mobile browser. Your sales team needs a useful mobile app right now more than ever before.

sales team needs a useful mobile app

The analytics firm Flurry has determined that mobile users spend roughly 86% of their daily smartphone-time using mobile apps, while only spending the remaining 14% of their time on mobile actually using a mobile browser. This statistic seems to only be increasing in proportion, with mobile users spending more and more of their time using apps rather than mobile browsers.

What this means is that good mobile apps are essentially killing off the mobile browser. And your sales team needs an effective app for consumers to use more than ever before – because that’s exactly what mobile users are demanding. The mobile consumers have spoken, and it’s clear that they want apps. This presents a major opportunity for your sales team to acquire more customers through building an effective mobile app that presents your products or services in a clean and easy-to-use manner.

To help drive extra app installations, try to give your app that special zest which your website or business just can’t deliver. Can you integrate a picture-capturing function into your app that ties into your business model? How about live, instant messaging with your sales team/customer support panel? The possibilities to help boost sales with mobile apps are endless.

2. Mobile apps provide an entirely different channel for new customers to find your brand. Your sales team can take advantage of new and younger leads right now.

The App Store and Google Play are quickly becoming some of the fastest growing search engines in the world. With 60,000 new apps being added to the App Store every single month – there are absolutely no signs of the mobile marketplace slowing down anytime soon. It’s an extremely important time to make your mark in the mobile world and get your brand out there, because people may be searching for your industry’s competitors on the App Store at this very moment.

sales team can take advantage

What’s even better is that it’s mostly millennials – the age-group of mainly 20 and 30-somethings who currently make up the majority of mobile app users. These are the people who will hold heavy purchasing power in the very near-future.

It’s a young target demographic that’s open to buying into new and innovative brands, instant gratification and feel-good products and services. With your own app on the open market, your sales team will have instant access to this prime demographic that many brands are seemingly fighting for.

3. A mobile app can act as an amazing sales funnel for your team.

Even if you can’t convince all of your mobile users to continue using your app throughout the long-term – you can at least convince them to give you their best e-mail address. Apps provide an exceptional funnel for your business or service to capture new leads. Capturing e-mail addresses is still one of the most valuable strategies that your e-business and even traditional business can partake in to win more customers and make even more sales.

mobile app can act as an amazing sales

Simply have your mobile users register for your mobile app and simultaneously opt-in to receive future e-mails from your sales team. You’ve potentially just captured new and younger customers for life.

Overall, your sales team has a multitude of opportunities to win many more customers and break new sales records via mobile apps. There are an unlimited amount of possibilities which remain open for the taking within the mobile app space. While some may say that the mobile market is becoming saturated, we say that this is an excellent thing.

Saturation will force your brand to become more distinguished, competitive and even more powerful in a sea full of mobile apps.

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