In this article I show you how to do Split Screen on Mac.

If you have recently switched to Mac from Windows you would have surely missed one Windows feature and that is to split screen.

In Windows you just had to drag and the windows will snap to the corner on which you dragged the windows. It’s a pretty handy feature and came inbuilt since long time.

But in Mac, things are different.

There is no feature to split windows until El Capitan was launched. But before we dive into the details, just remember that there are two ways to split screen on Mac:

  1. Using Mac’s Inbuilt Split View Feature
  2. Using a Mac app called Split Screen

How to Use Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan

It took Apple long time to fulfil this much wanted feature on Mac and that is to split screen. Split View Feature on Mac was introduced in El Capitan version of Mac in Sept 2015.

So here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: First press & hold the Green full screen button of your window


  • Step 2: Once you do that your window will shrink in size and background will change to a darker shade as shown below.
  • Step 3: Once you release the button and the window will fit in that darker shade. Now you can do the same thing with the other window as shown below:SplitView2

In order to make Split View work, you need to ensure:

  1. You are on El Capitan or higher version
  2. You must enable “Displays have separate Spaces” option selected in Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mission Control

Problems with Split View:

  1. It works on Full Screen Mode only. So, once you have placed two windows side by side, you cannot access your Dock. You will have to exit Full Screen Mode in order to use your Dock.
  2. You can place only two windows side by side. What if you are working with 4 windows. There is no option for that in Split View.
  3. You cannot use Keyboard to create Split View. It works only with mouse.
  4. You cannot use Split View in Dual Monitor Setup.

How to do Split Screen on mac by using Split Screen App

Split Screen App makes it really use to split windows on Mac.

The app resides in the menu bar and once it is there, you can use keyboard shortcuts to split windows the way you want.

Here’s what it can do:

  1. Drag and Snap windows the way you can do in Microsoft Windows.
  2. 10 Different ways to Split the screen
  3. You can even do 3 part window sizing
  4. It also supports Dual Monitor Setup
  5. You can easily configure Keyboard shortcuts
  6. It can even restore window to its original position before the split

Split Screen App is suitable for users who wants more than just basic window splitting.

Here is a short video showing how to do Split Screen by using Split Screen app


Split View is a wonderful feature of Mac. Although its free, it’s pretty basic and has limited functionality.

If you want complete window management then you should go for Split Screen App.

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