World has already shifted from computers /laptops to Smartphones. With the help of mobile app development, most businesses have started creating unique and innovative apps, which help them grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Here’s how mobile app development helps your business:

1. Better understand your customers:

How? By using tools like Flurry analytics . You will know lot more about your customer’s demographics using this tool (see below). Once you know that, you can easily understand and cater to customer needs.

Flurry analytics

2. Increase brand awareness for your business:

Steady advertising and grabbing audience attention are two strong pillars of increasing brand awareness. Mobile apps development helps you to take branding directly to your customer’s smartphones. It also helps you in making customers happy and coming to you for more. Heard about Using app and a TV, they have helped business owners increase customers and made them happy.


Enplug TV Display

Enplug TV Display (Image courtesy:


3. Better ROI than traditional marketing:

Hire iPhone App Developer and get your app developed. That will pay you many folds in terms of marketing ROI. Words spread fast via apps. That helps in getting better ROI compared to traditional marketing approach.

The next step is to hire the right app developer.

Here’s how:

  • Check past work and total industry experience.
  • Check if the developer has done similar work.
  • Start negotiating the terms once you finalized the developer.
  • There are two approaches to pricing: Fixed Cost & Time based
  • If requirements are not clear or evolving, time based approach is the best. You pay only for the time developer works on your project. It’s an hourly approach.
  • If requirements are kind of “frozen”, then fixed cost is the best.
  • Once pricing is fixed, work on warranty. No software is bug free. So, you want maximum time covered under warranty. Standard terms have 30 days warranty from the day app is released in the Appstore.

We, at TaxSmart Technologies have been developing app since 2010. And having worked on more than 200+ apps, we can surely guarantee complete satisfaction. Our apps have given good returns to our clients. And that’s the reason we have 55% repeat client rate.

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