We are in a midst of mobile revolution. Businesses are turning more and more mobile in order to boost productivity and sales. Devices like tablets have already started replacing computers and laptops at trade shows, corporate events, etc. Thanks to their portability, these devices are now becoming defacto choice for sales and marketing team.

Here’s the advantages of having your own iPad app for your sales team:

1. Higher Conversion (Effect – Immediate):

Higher Conversion

Products displayed in the app helps the customer engage with it in a better way. Since its interactive, they can “touch” and “feel” the product or see it how it would look. And since now the iPads come with Retina display, your products look really crisp and in full color, thus increasing its appeal. Definitely it would lead to higher conversion compared with, say, brochures.

Tip: You can increase your chances of conversion if product is shown in its intended environment in your app. For example, if you are a maker of picture frames, you can have a feature in your app in which your sales team can show how the picture frame would look in the office/home of your client. Once the customer can see how the product will look in his/her environment, that definitely ups the chances of conversion.

2. Higher customer engagement (Effect – Long Term): 

Higher customer engagement

Either by creating games or some useful utility app, you can be in constant touch with your customer. There are various ways by which you can engage your customers including by sending regular push notifications, having chat feature in the app, have coupon code feature, etc. Depending on your sales cycle, you might get immediate or long term results.

3. Never miss opportunity (Effect – Immediate): 

Never miss opportunity

Having your iPad app helps your sales team do away with printed catalog, brochures, etc. The advantage of this is: they no longer have to deal with out of date information (which is in the case of printed material) or get inside sales support for accurate information. This way they can always answer customer’s question promptly, without losing any opportunity.

4. Best Training Tool (Effect – Immediate): 

Best Training Tool

How many times have you dealt with situation wherein someone has to explain new sales team members about your product? I know it can be real time waster. Best thing would be to include all your training material inside your app so that all new joiners in your sales team can quickly ramp up.

5. Always accurate info (Effect – Immediate to Long term):

Always accurate info

If your product’s specifications or price or its stock is changing frequently then you have to inform all your sales team about it. With emails, things can get lost pretty quickly. Best thing would be to send push notification to your sales app about price alerts, etc and also have it updated in the app.

I can hear few of you asking how will this info change in the app. Here’s how: If your app is connected to the internet, then its possible to setup a Webadmin panel which “controls” the content of the app. So, if anything changes, the administrator make changes in their end and that change automatically updates all the devices having the app. This ensures that your sales team ALWAYS has the most accurate info. Remember: Right info creates right opportunities.

6. Reduce Sales Cycle (Effect – Medium to Long term): 

Since the sales team has right info all the time (thanks to your iPad app), there is less need to get additional info from other team/s (which was the usual case). This helps them reduce the time it takes to get sales done. There are many stories of companies reducing their sales cycles from days to hours and minutes, thanks to the accurate info their sales team had all the time.

7. Best Cross selling tool (Effect – Medium to Long term): 

While your iPad sales app, you can greatly cross promote your other products while selling them what you want. Best examples are the apps used in Restaurants. Order a pizza with their app and you will be presented with an option to add Coke to it.

8. Reduce Stationary Clutter (Effect – Immediate): 

Reduce Stationary Clutter

With your iPad Sales app, your sales team does not have to carry any brochures, catalogs, leaf lets, etc when they visit your customers. Saves your money on stationary but most importantly, gives your sales team a tool which is more appealing to your clients then the multicolored stationary. And of course, you save Mother Earth by saving those paper.

9. CRM on the go (Effect – Medium to Long Term): 

app has CRM features

If the app has CRM features, sales team and “office” team can be in sync through out the entire sales process. No need for the sales guys to update the contacts when they come to office. Saves time for them and everyone has the right info all the time.

I am sure by now you would have realized how important it is to have a Sales App for your Sales team.

To sum it up, this is what I read somewhere on the apple-4096-blackApple Site:

“Our sales guys say their investment in an iPad or iPhone (app) is returned immediately on their first customer engagement,” says Stager. “Every body’s excited to see that guy walk in with that tool. They know they’re going to get answers, and it’ll be an engaging, interactive experience. There’s something magical about it.”

So, when you are planning to get your sales app developed?

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