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Which AdNetwork is the right one for your App?

When you have created your app you have earned the right to cash in!
If it’s a free app the easiest way is to join an AdNetwork and display ads for your users.
If it’s a paid app I would not recommend displaying ads inside your app.
You can read 10 ways on how to make money with your app in a previous blog post, there are tips for both free and paid apps. This post will only provide info on using AdNetworks for your app. There are many to choose from so we have narrowed it down and will provide pros and cons on the best AdNetworks.

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8 Features App Developers Should Know In iOS 8

WWDC presented a lot of new features in the iOS 8.
Here’s a list of features you should consider when developing apps as well as some that will make your life easier, leaving more time for app development.

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10 Tips To Increase App Store Ranking

1. Use the title to your advantage

Apps can have pretty long titles. Make sure to take advantage of this. Instead of just naming your app “Pirates” instead name it “Pirates: A fun and free game” for example. This makes sure people searching for any of the words can find you through their searches. This in turn leads to more visibility and more downloads. More downloads in turn leads to higher ranking.

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10 New Ways To Make Money With Your iPhone Apps

Making money with your iPhone apps is possible by using many different tactics.
By reading this guide you will get some new ideas! These tips can be applied to both paid and free apps. Use some caution and be clear about it in the description if you decide to use some of these tips on a paid app. You can use more than one of the tips!

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7 Tips To Design App Store Screenshots That Actually Sell

The competition in the App Store gets worse every day.
This makes it more important than ever to not just have a functional app but a well designed as well.
When looking for apps people first notices your logo, name and ratings.
If you are reading this guide you hopefully got those covered.

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5 Tools That Help Analyze Your App Store Competition

You should always analyze your competition before you step up in the ring. Mike Tyson watched recordings of his opponents previous fights and the NFL-coaches do the same thing.
Tyson’s corner man closely observed the fight and when the bell ringed he told Tyson what he needed to keep doing, stop doing or change. You can use some tools to analyze your app store competition and see what you should keep doing, stop doing or change.

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