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Native App Development Vs. Cross Platform App – Which is better?

App developers can make cross platform or native apps. The choice will depend on many factors. There are pros and cons for each method and I will shed some light   on this to help you choose the right approach.

Cross platform apps

These are apps developed that can be used on a wide range of platforms. It is based on the concept of coding once to be run everywhere. This is to mean that the app could be used on android, iOS, blackberry or any others by developing it only once.

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The Top 7 Simple App Ideas that Made MILLIONS for their Owners

Every app entrepreneur seems to share a very similar reoccurring dream.

At the beginning of this dream, you own a mobile app, and it is mentioned in a single Facebook post. Then, people begin to share this Facebook post with their friends.

Shortly afterwards, a major news outlet picks up on the story of your beloved app. You find out that the news outlet has already written an article over your app, and has shared it with their massive network of readers. Your app begins to receive mind-blowing levels of media attention. Even bigger news outlets begin to cover your app’s story.

Then, you turn on the television in your living room and realize that your app is being featured on the World Business Report. It goes absolutely viral. Your app becomes ranked in the top 10 of its category within a matter of days, and eventually breaks into the #1 spot.

You’re suddenly a multi-millionaire!

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How to Split Screen on Mac OSX EI Capitan

In this article I show you how to do Split Screen on Mac.

If you have recently switched to Mac from Windows you would have surely missed one Windows feature and that is to split screen.

In Windows you just had to drag and the windows will snap to the corner on which you dragged the windows. It’s a pretty handy feature and came inbuilt since long time.

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How to Speed Up Your Website Performance (Infographic)

We all want faster websites.

Here are few tips from on how you can speed up your website and reduce load time.

How to Speed Up Your Website Performance (Infographic) By The Team at

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Best 5 Alternatives

One of the most popular Backend-as-a-Service providers Parse has announced its shut down.

Here below you can see official screenshot of Parse:

parse shutdown

Parse is simply the most widely used backend service provider. Tons of iOS apps uses parse as their backend; some of the reputed names that use Parse’s backend service are Vevo and EventBrite.

The news of shutdown took the whole community of developers by storm; everyone is in jiffy and is looking for alternatives that are equally efficient and secure. Facebook decided to shut down Parse so that they can focus on profitable business opportunities.

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7 Tips to Improve App Store Optimization for your Mobile App

According Statista, there are approx 1.6 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million apps in Apple’s App Store, integrating all of which are used by near two billion smart phone users around the world.

These are enormous numbers. Have you ever thought how do you withstand with your competitors in this crowd? Most of all, how can your app rank high in an app store?

Here are 7 Tips to Improve App Store Optimization for your mobile app.

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8 Must-Have Apps for Writers

Choosing to be a writer in the modern age of technology means that you’ll have to overcome some seriously sticky situations if you hope to flourish at your skill. There are numerous issues that you’ll have to face if you want to make it in the competitive world of freelancing, copywriting or penning stories!

The first issue that most writers must confront is an unsuspecting one – which slowly but surely impacts your health over a series of months. Sitting in a chair for 10-12+ hours per day. Yes – it’s as simple as that. Sitting has become a massive issue for both writers and many other professionals within tech.

Another common dilemma that plagues writers everywhere is known as “writer’s block” – which poses a significant threat to both your sanity and your bottom line.

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App Reskinning – How to Do It and How to Profit from It

If you’ve made the decision to go into the business of app reskinning, you’ll likely find it to be a fun, scalable and even profitable venture, if you go about approaching it in the right way.

But, after deciding to embark upon your newfound journey of app reskinning, people may have attempted to stop you dead in your tracks – explaining that app reskinning has “died,” or that the market for reskinning apps has become saturated.

In reality, we can assure you that this is not actually the case. Saturation can actually be a great thing, once you’ve made a slight adjustment to your outlook on the app market (or maybe you even already have)!

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Best Mockup Tools for App Entrepreneurs

When you want to create the greatest possible mobile app that you can build, you likely already realize that you’ll need a strong foundation to start with. Building an exceptional mobile app isn’t so different from crafting a luxury home in this respect. It all begins with the blueprint, base and groundwork. In the case of mobile, you’ll need a strong and durable mockup before you even consider putting your development team to work. Thankfully, app entrepreneurs have been gifted with an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a top-quality mockup tool to use.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with performing your initial mockups on paper. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s even something special about telling a friend your spontaneous new app idea, while immediately sketching out its wireframe on notebook paper.

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How Your Sales Team Can Win More Customers via Mobile Apps

Many of us already know by now that mobile is becoming one of the hottest platforms in the world. It’s quick and easy to use, in-demand, and is becoming more prevalent in the eye of the public each and every day. Mobile is the future – if it isn’t already the biggest thing that’s happening right now. It’s projected that there will be more than 2.56 billion smartphone users on a worldwide scale by 2018. That’s over one-third of all consumers in the world.

If it isn’t already clear – the mobile space and mobile apps in particular are massive opportunities that are ripe for the taking. It’s still a very young industry that will see massive growth in the coming years. And there are ample opportunities remaining for those ambitious businessmen, entrepreneurs and sales teams that are interested in seizing their own share of the mobile marketplace.

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