Mobile applications such as Google keep, evernote and signeasy have made the everyday life of an entrepreneur easier. There is no way you as an entrepreneur will drive 50 miles back to sign a document you forgot with apps like signeasy around! This is not the end. Application developers continue to strive to make life easier for entrepreneurs and they are developing apps every day. The following are apps recently developed others just underrated that will be handy in ensuring efficient and simpler life being in the business world.

1. Splashtop Business

Splashtop Business


This is the ultimate network offline app. Linking this app with your PC will enable you to access PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, IE, Quicken, CAD/CAM, and any legacy corporate applications remotely as if you were sitting right in front of your PC.

2. Top business plan



How much of your time have you spent drafting your business plan? How much have you paid for business plan to be written and still was disappointed? Develop your business plan using this app regardless of the area of business. This app will give options and a professional look for your business plan.

3. Tiny scan

Tiny scan


Forget about the manual scanning of documents which can be tedious. This app, using the camera, enables you to scan documents and send them as JPEG or PDF format on the go. The best thing is that you can scan a document anytime, anywhere.  All you need is that gadget you use to make calls. With the latest version developed June 2014 and is an app that will take over the business world by storm.

4. Timeful



This iOS app is the best application for your to do list in that using its algorithms it can study patterns and probabilities of things you do. This means that even if you forget add it on your to do list, provided you have done it before, the app can recognize that and remind you.

5. QuickBooks invoice manager

QuickBooks invoice manager


Do you already use QuickBooks in your PC? This is the app you want to have. You can monitor every this app and then sync with the PC version and all your information will be updated. All this while you are on the go. You can send invoices, track sales and see payments from your phone.

6. Herematch



If you are have felt that you do not have the right kind of people in your network, or went to a networking event and left without a single good network made, this app is here for you. By syncing it with your linked in account, you can attend networking events and easily find networks. When you attend such an event simply sign in with your app it will automatically link you with people you can work with in that event. They also have to have the app.

7. Business letters free

Business letters free


This is an app with more than 1000 business letters covering every topic. When do lack time to properly draft a business letter you can get a sample that meets your specs and just edit it saving a lot of time.

These are some of the new and underrated apps that will guarantee you as an entrepreneur less stress. You should try them. If you are satisfied with the old fashioned way of doing business, you know, 8 hours facing your computer at your work station and getting up to scan documents and photocopy business, these apps will enable you to be done with your days’ work before you even enter the office!

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