The competition in the App Store gets worse every day.
This makes it more important than ever to not just have a functional app but a well designed as well.
When looking for apps people first notices your logo, name and ratings.
If you are reading this guide you hopefully got those covered.
App Store Logo

If you do, people will click on your app.
The first thing they will see are the App Store Screenshots of your app.
The screenshots cover almost all of the display.
It is crucial to make a great impression with those screenshots.
We want to help you do exactly that!

7 Tips to Design App Store Screenshots that actually sell

1. High quality photos

This one might seem silly, however using low quality photos is a mistake quite a lot people make.
High quality photos are clear with nice colors. Use Photoshop to make the pictures perfect.
People need to understand straight away what’s going on in the picture.
Therefore do not have anything distracting in the screenshot.
Having images of high quality is a must for your App Store Screenshots

2. Use all five App Store Screenshots

As mentioned above, each picture needs to be very concise so the user directly know what’s happening.
Your app probably can do several things, use one picture to describe each function.
If you have screenshots left after doing this we’ll give you tips further down this list.

3. Show users how your app is used

Make sure to demonstrate how your app is used. This makes people a lot more likely to download your app.
From a picture they can imagine themselves using it, before even downloading it!

4. Write descriptive texts on your Screenshots

In the text description below the screenshots you can write in depth text about what makes your app great.
This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have texts in your pictures! You need to hook the app buyer while they are looking at the¬†screenshots since many people don’t even bother reading the text description.
Describe what your app does in a few words.
Snapchats App Store Screenshots have descriptive texts

Snapchat describes their new features with a heading and a short sentence.
The background color matches their logo.

5. Arrange the Screenshots in the best order

Display the best features of your app in the first pictures!
Sure, it might be cool that you can share your high scores to Facebook but that isn’t the best feature of your game.
The game itself is the best feature, demonstrate it!

6. Ideas for the last pictures

You might have an app that doesn’t need all five screenshots to demonstrate the features.
As mentioned earlier, use all five anyway!
One way to use an App Store Screenshot is by introducing yourself.
Have a portrait and a short text telling who you are and why you created the app.

7. Ask for opinions and test

When you have uploaded your App Store Screenshots, keep track of the downloads.
Re-arrange and change one screenshot out from time to time.
You can also ask your friends for input!

Good luck with creating some awesome screenshots now guys!

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