According Statista, there are approx 1.6 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million apps in Apple’s App Store, integrating all of which are used by near two billion smart phone users around the world.

These are enormous numbers. Have you ever thought how do you withstand with your competitors in this crowd? Most of all, how can your app rank high in an app store?

Here are 7 Tips to Improve App Store Optimization for your mobile app.

1. Make your app title pretty clear:

The title should be sweet, engaging and the most importantly, it should clearly indicate what the app does and what it stands for. The more your title is sparkling and attractive, the more the traffic will direct to your mobile app. Don’t try to use clever titles which only few users can understand. Remember you don’t what your users to think or guess what the app might be doing. Title should very well convey this without any second guess from the user.

Recent example of this is our Mac app for Disk cleaning. We initially called it “Space Lab” but it was not getting any downloads. We realized our mistake and then changed the title to “More Disk Space”, which clearly explains what the app does.

And the downloads starting coming in.

So, as a rule, which also matches a book title, users always expect the following: “Don’t make me think”.

Your app title should also follow this principle.

2. Be careful about the usage of the keywords:

Your app keywords are the words which the users will choose to search for your app. Make sure they are relevant to what the app does. The best way to find keywords for your app is to think what the user will type to find your app on the Appstore.

You can also check what keywords your competitor are ranking for.

Here’s a great tool to find your competitors keywords:

For iOS app, you just have 100 characters for your keywords. Make sure you use every character available. Even if you are left with say 2 characters, you can put in “,2” as many users search for second version of the app.

Sensortower provides a great way to manage your keywords and see which ones fit your app.

3. Pick the right category:

After keywords, next most important is the category. If you have the best app in the world and your are in the wrong category, then its not use. Its like showing Dancing with the Stars to bunch of monks. You should pitch your app to the right audience and that process begins by choosing the right category.

4. Your icon should be clear and concise:

Craft the icon design attractive and appealing. But… make it UNIQUE!!! Your app icon is the reflection of your mobile app. It is the icon that compels more number of users to download the app and use it.

5. Positive app ratings and reviews:

It can also build the clout with the users when they see others commenting the specific app. This will create a big, big difference. So, try to encourage and convince the highly-engaged users to leave positive reviews and ratings.

6. Update early and often:

Study before you act! Apply this schema and then step into the procedure. Perform your thorough research like the prevalent phrases or the tag lines, etc. and then try to build your own lines to set up a benchmark!!! Fingers Crossed!

7. Set a re-evaluate the schedule:

Your app ranking mostly relies on the quantity of the user engagement. So, re-analysis plays the pivotal role in this procedure. Check the keywords, description, title and icons, etc.

Having said that, I would like to hear from you what according to you is the best technique to improve ranking which proved very useful to you. We are all ears. Please share your comments below.

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