When you have created your app you have earned the right to cash in!
If it’s a free app the easiest way is to join an AdNetwork and display ads for your users.
If it’s a paid app I would not recommend displaying ads inside your app.
You can read 10 ways on how to make money with your app in a previous blog post, there are tips for both free and paid apps. This post will only provide info on using AdNetworks for your app. There are many to choose from so we have narrowed it down and will provide pros and cons on the best AdNetworks.

Pick the right AdNetwork for your app

We won’t mention the different payouts since they are similar. All these networks are well tested and used by many. Use this list to pick out a few to start out with.

1. Easy to set up and get started


Owned by Google but works on iOS and Windows Phone as well. Since it’s practically AdSense for apps it’s easy to use. Many users means a lot of support in forums as well. AdMob however do not allow you to choose from many different adtypes and sizes.

2. Ability to customize a lot


This AdNetwork makes it possible to show ads from other networks as well as own ads.
Own ads could be if you make a deal with a sponsorship as we mentioned in a previous post. Making own deals is often the most profitable way and something I encourage.
With Millenial Media you can choose from a lot of different types and sizes of the ads.


One of the best getting started guides I’ve seen is provided by this AdNetwork. Just as the above mentioned AdNetwork they make it possible to use ads from other and your own ads.
Flurrys special analytics feature shows exactly how the users interact with the ads.

Showing an example of an ad from the AdNetwork Flurry

3. AdNetworks for games


My favorite for games. Tapjoy makes it possible to show ads in the natural pauses of the game, for example when making it to the next level or when you’ve run out of lives. By watching a trailer they can regain a life or earn in game cash and more.

Tapjoy is a great AdNetwork for games

Traditional banner ads are also a possibility.


Simple to use while still providing rich media ads and video. Games are perfect for this type of ads since you can show them in the natural pauses. Inneractives analytics are in-depth and their resources will help you maximize your revenue fast.
The Inneractive AdNetwork provides high quality analytics

Don’t be afraid to make changes with ad types, positions and sizes. Always track your earnings. Pick a few of the above AdNetworks to get started. Disregard the one least profitable and try a new one after a while.

I’d like to once again remind you of trying to find sponsors of your app. That often pays the most and also provides the most value for your users.

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