Development Methodology

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Taxsmart Technologies has emerged as one of best company in the field of mobile and web software development. We are talent rich company who have so far has 100% success ratio when it come to project completion. We are one stop solution for all your IT needs.

From website development to mobile development we have every bespoken solution for you. Here is idea of our Methodology.

Design Phase

This is first step for any of the project development. We have design process that gives full authority to client over each and every step that is taken. Following is the idea of our execution process that takes place:

  • The process starts interaction with our design team. This is during kick off meeting, were we take into consideration each design element.
  • In the next step, our designers take up the plotting of the functionality map, and due to this it gives a better overview of the project entire structure. The plotting is then followed by wireframes that showcase the clients the real ways of using the interface
  • In the final step, we start working on wireframe and make sure that we are able to make our client’s design idea into reality.

System Design (Application Architecture)

The design stage is then followed by as application architecture in which, the system architecture is set for the development process. Once the prototyping is completed, the solution architects are paying attention to every minute fact of the system architecture that includes:

  • Setting up of database enclosing tables, fields and relationships
  • Necessity of web services & security layers
  • Local data storage
  • Mapping of services with page layout also navigation with Data Base.

Once the formalization is done, then business plan & system plan is created to showcase to the client, and clients need to validate the Business Rule and System Plan documents.[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]