Apps are being developed in the thousands even as you read this to suit people in different professions. We would know this because we develop apps for teachers to make it easier for them to carry out their tasks.

1. Remind:



This app was formerly known as Remind101, the key to creating a link to your students and their parents. The app enables you to text reminders, assignment, schedules, homework and any other information that would be relevant to parents and students. This app at the same time, maintains privacy and phone numbers will not be shared. All messages are received in an open space meaning the possibility of private messaging is not there. This way only relevant information can be passed to the recipients. Parents can be able to monitor their children at home making sure that an assignment or homework, is completed by the due date. With the app, you will be able to ensure that parents are engaged in their children’s schoolwork.

2. Edmodo:



Another app that is of huge aid to teachers is Edmodo. This app increases the level of interaction with their students even when they are not in school. This app can be used by teachers for secure classroom discussions. They can easily post assignments and upload relevant files to help the students with the tasks. Students can in turn share their files with the teachers whenever they want some guidance in completing a task and teachers can send back files with correction where it’s needed. The app also has an educational resource library for research by the teacher and professional learning networks that teachers can use to exchange ideas on best practices.

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3. Socrative Student:

Socrative Student


This app enables teachers make their own quizzes for their students. The quizzes can be customized to suit students of different needs. The app makes you able to ask both open ended and multiple choice questions. The app has a lot of functions and you may need to download a user manual to help you with this. Socrative Student will assist you during the exams when you have a lot of marking and grading to do.It can very fast grade, aggregate and provide graphs of results. This will save you a lot of time and work involved in aggregating and making graphs the old fashioned way. The graphs can be made for every studenttherefore visualizing theirunderstanding. This will help you as a teacher to identify areas that may need to be worked on more.

4. ClassDojo:



This app focuses less on academics and more about the conduct of the students. It will help you improve the students discipline and how easy it is to manage your class. With ClassDojo you can give positive feedback on good behavior and at the same time parents can be able to monitor their children’s conduct while in school. This app is the road to a classroom that is easy to run and will reduce the amount of time you yell at some of those naughty students.

5. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard:

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard


This is a video app that every teacher should have. Teachers can make videos of lessons that they can share with their students. This app will be useful when teachers have to conduct distance learning. This app makesteachersable to animate or annotate many concepts that they teach thereby making lessons fun and visual. The app provides an online store of every lesson. No worries in case something happened to your device. It offers many avenues to share your lessons including Facebook and twitter the most visited social networks. Students can access your learning material while on these social networks. This will increase the students’ access to learning materials.

6. Too Noisy Lite:

Too Noisy Lite


This app provides the best way to control noise levels by children in class using an interesting and colorful interface. When the youngsters make noise to a level that is not acceptable, the graphic of the app changes to show this. Peer pressure alone will make the children reduce the noise to an acceptable level and a happy graphic will be formed. This way noise in class will be maintained in acceptable level and constructive discussions can continue.

7. Assessment Pro:

Assessment Pro


This is an app developed by our team for teachers only. It enables you as assess your programs with ease as well as enter relevant information in it. You will be able to keep track of your calendar and important events and tasks that need to be carried out. You can view results as a raw mark and grade them using two different methods. You can add new classes of new subjects you are given to teach. This app is easy to use and makes your work easier to handle

8. Teacher Tasks:

Teacher Tasks


Do feel that are losing track of your responsibilities as a teacher? Is it too much to handle? Do you keep forgetting some of your tasks? Is it becoming too hard to organize your activities? If your response was yes to any of these questions, download this app. It has a calendar that enables you to organize your work in good detail to make your work more organized. The app will ensure that you are up to date with your tasks.

Try these apps the next time you want to develop lesson plans or when you want to change the way you deliver information to your students. Our team can also develop similar apps.

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