WWDC presented a lot of new features in the iOS 8.
Here’s a list of features you should consider when developing apps as well as some that will make your life easier, leaving more time for app development.

8 Features App Developers Should Know In iOS 8


1. Healthkit

iOS 8 contains a gathering point for all health-related data, this app is simply called Health.
In this app you’ll see the data accessories have collected, pulse and blood pressure for example.
Third party apps will be able to use this data without being directly connected to the accessories that gather it by a function called Healthkit.
Apple have not yet released the rumored iWatch which is said to collect healthdata but there are other products available.
Healthkit will open up lots of opportunities to develop apps without having a physical product.
Why not develop an app that notices when your blood pressure is high and changes your music to something calming or alerts you to do a quick meditation session?
The health features in iOS 8 will make a lot new apps appear.


2. Homekit

Apple released an API that app developers can use to make home appliances connect to iOS 8.
For example you can lock the doors and turn the lights off by telling Siri “Sleeptime”.
This is a great opportunity for app developers to reach out to producers of home appliances and offer to make them an app.


3. iCloud Drive

The documents you’ve saved with iCloud will be reachable to all your devices as well as separate folders or files you choose. When iOS 8 is fully released Apple will most likely make it a bit harder to share your files to Google Drive or Dropbox. If you only use Apple devices I see no reason not to adapt to iCloud Drive straight away.


4. Battery usage by app is a default feature in iOS 8

In iOS8 you’ll be able to see how much battery each app drains.
For app developers this will be a more important factor to consider when creating apps.
iOS will provide a new feature making it possible to see the battery usage of each app.


5. Xcode using Swift

The development tool used for creating iOS8 apps will use a new language.
It’s called Swift and is claimed to be super fast and show the result of the code in real time.
This will make it easier to learn how to develop apps. You can download a free guide on Swift from Apple here.

At the WWDC a new programming language called Swift was announced.


6. Password protected apps

Third party apps can now become password protected. You can even use TouchID!
Apple will still not give out the fingerprint to someone else but apps will be able to ask if the entered fingerprint matches the one in TouchID.
Cool feature in iOS8 is that you can protect your apps.


7. Duck Duck Go as search engine

Apple’s biggest competitor is Google. While Google still will be the default search engine in Safari and iOS8 you’ll be able to change it. Duck Duck Go is a new search engine that doesn’t track your searches.


8. Quicktype

This iOS 8 feature is pretty self explanatory. By figuring out what you are about to write by following patterns Quicktype will help you write faster. A nice function since we don’t want to waste more time than necessary.
This new feature in iOS 8 will help you write faster.


Hopefully you have found some ideas for new apps or improving your current ones.
Its right time for the app developers to start thinking of how they can get their apps reduce the battery usage of the device.

Good luck and have fun!

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