This is a list of apps that will make your life as a lawyer easier some of which you may have heard about and others little known.

1. CLE Mobile by Thomson Reuters

CLE Mobile by Thomson

This app has the main function of making it possible for lawyers to listen to continuing legal education programming on their devices anywhere with a lot of ease. This app was made for the WestLegalEdcentre and this has gone a long way to making its online experience a lot better with more than 4500 CLE courses.

2. Case Briefs by the Factory Interactive

CLE Mobile by Thomson


This app will keep you updated on anything that Case Briefs has. It was made for that purpose and therefore this is the perfect app to update on anything new on the website. This app is also usable by law students and will assist with the course outline, study material and student briefs. This is a must have app a law student and a practising lawyer to keep up to date.

3. Court Days – Date Calculator for Lawyers by Daniel Friedlander

Court Days - Date Calculator for Lawyers by Daniel Friedlander


Are you a lawyer, paralegal, legal secretary or one who works in the legal profession? If you are then I am sure you realize the importance of keeping dates accurately. The keeping track of this may be very hard but this app made to help ease that and to ensure you so not miss an important court date. This app will make you able to calculate court days with ease and it is even possible to send this via email.

4. Mobile Transcript for iPad By Mobile Transcript, LLC

Mobile Transcript for iPad By Mobile Transcript, LLC

This app is made for lawyers and it enables them to record and later review deposition and court transcripts. This app will work best on an iPad. This app makes it work and make familiar with yourself with the activities of the court. Lawyers are required to make an online account to be able to use it.

5. Fastcase by Fastcase

Fastcase by Fastcase


This app is useful for lawyers and students of law in that with the app you will be able to access the American law library in your hand. This includes cases and statutes and any relevant material which are updated every day. The user will have to create an online account to be able to save documents. You will be easily able to save your searches and get your favourites after creating the account.

6. LawStack by Tekk Innovations LLC

LawStack by Tekk Innovations LLC


This is another legal library available to you in your pocket. This app makes it easy to access all of the material you may need as a lawyer including codes for different regions. The interactive bit of this app makes you able to suggest material that you wish to be included in later versions.

7. Federal Rules of Evidence (FREvidence) By Tekk Innovations LLC

Federal Rules of Evidence (FREvidence) By Tekk Innovations LLC

This app enables offline access to federal Rules of Evidence from the appendix of USC 28. This app will be a big help and will relieve you the task of carrying heavy books. Get it to enjoy fast full text searches and enables you email sections to friends and workmates.

The above apps will make your work of being a lawyer well organised and up to date. Get them to start enjoying a stress free and more efficient life being a lawyer.

If you are a lawyer, and interested in creating any type of apps, you can definitely Contact Us.

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