Apple just released the iPhone 6 which had been waited for with zeal. The response by a market has not been in any way underwhelming. But with many features that come with it, it is rather hard to know all that comes with the iPhone 6. I will reveal some of the little known features of the phone.

1. Battery life

iPhone 6 Battery life

The IPhone 6 boasts of a battery life that can last 250 hours when the phone is on standby, 12 hours of talk time, 11 hours of talk time and 50 hours playing music. This is a big improvement from the previous versions.

2. Apple pay


iPhone 6 Apple Pay

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Though this is not a new idea it is a new feature of the phone. This enables you to make payments without contact. This has been enabled by the partnerships with other paperless payment provider like Visa.

3. Bending

iPhone 6 Bending
This is a feature that has given critics something to talk about. The iPhone 6 is slim and has aneasy to bend metal casing. Critics say that the this is a tad too much as there have been cases where the phone bent while in the front pocket of the owners jacket without much pressure being applied on it.

4. Camera improvement

iPhone 6 camera improvementApple has introduced a new feature called “focus pixels” which will make it easier to take pictures of moving objects. This is by speeding up the auto-focus speed of the phone. Though it is still 8 mega pixels, it has better face recognition and more control over exposure to light.

Video options have been improved in the phone, and it’s now possible to capture 1080p HD video at 60fps. There’s also a new 240fps slo-mo mode, and time-lapse video, which was introduced with iOS 8.

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5. Operating system

iPhone 6 Operating system

The iPhone 6 uses the iOS 8 whose main new ability is that you can maintain continuity when using other apple devices. With Continuity, users can easily move from task to task between iPhones, iPads, Macs, and the Apple Watch.

6. Touch ID

iPhone 6 Touch IDThis is a feature that will improve security by using the fingerprints of the owner. This has been there but thanks to third-party Touch ID integration, it is even more powerful than in the previous versions. This is more necessary with the new Apple Pay feature.

7. Display

iPhone 6 Display

The display has been improved from 640*1136 pixels to 750*1334 pixels this gives HD UI display, and to add on to this is the display zoom feature that will enable you get a closer view your apps and the standard view that will enable you get more content.

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