When you are hiring an app developer, it is important that you get the best person for the job. I am sure you do not want to spend your money to get less than a satisfactory result. Come on, you deserve better. There is nothing more frustrating than an app with bugs. If there are bugs, you will get negative feedback and nothing will prevent a customer from deleting and installing another one.
So here are some tips to hire a good app developer.

1. Check portfolio


You should find out what kind of apps your developer specializes in. Check the ratings and feedback the app has. If possible download it and see if it has the “feel” you are looking for. Then make a conclusion about whether to hire or not.

2. Do not let the best deal blind you


Many will seek to get the cheapest deal for the app development. Do not get blinded by the deal. Remind yourself that you want a quality app not the cheapest. Always remember this: “If you pay peanuts, then you will always get monkeys”.

3. The UI


This one applies to Apps Development Agency only.  Make sure you like the UI of the apps they developed. That is very important as it would show the “taste” and “eye” for design. Great designs make great apps.

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4. Former clients


Ask for a list of former clients that the developer has worked for. This way you get information about the developer that will not be available in the apps they have developed.  If the clients have developed multiple apps with that developer, then it is a sure sign that they are satisfied. And satisfied clients have great developers with them.

5. Ownership


You and the developer should agree initially about the ownership of the code, content and other details about the app. This doesn’t stop there; make sure you have signed a copyright assignment that clarifies all the elements of the ownership of the app.

6. Make sure you have a complete framework


When the app has been developed, who will submit it to the app store? Who will test the app? Will the developer be in charge of any updates of fixing bugs if any? Make sure you have the answers to these questions. It is advisable to have a team ready to handle all this, if not, come to an agreement with the app developer about such issues.

I am sure these tips will help you find the best app developers your money can buy. Good luck!

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