You should always analyze your competition before you step up in the ring. Mike Tyson watched recordings of his opponents previous fights and the NFL-coaches do the same thing.
Tyson’s corner man closely observed the fight and when the bell ringed he told Tyson what he needed to keep doing, stop doing or change. You can use some tools to analyze your app store competition and see what you should keep doing, stop doing or change.

Make sure you analyze your competition in the app store so you don't end up knocked down from the rankings.

While your fight against your opponents in the App Store hopefully won’t end up with you getting knocked out it could end with your App losing rank if you don’t analyze the data.

Most of these tools can also be used when researching App opportunities.
Choosing to box with a less skilled opponent is easier than someone like Mike Tyson..

 5 Tools That Help Analyze Your App Store CompetitionWhat keywords are your competition ranking on?

1. Store Stats by App Annie

Store Stats keeps track of all rankings, features and reviews in the App Store. For example, you can see what free app that was downloaded the most last week in France or the top grossing app in USA today. You can also see what keywords are most searched for and much more.
The best part? It’s free!See what the most popular apps are right now

2. Enterprise by MobileDevHQ

This is a package of tools and services, the only one you’ll need if you choose to buy it.
A bit expensive if you are just starting out, they do however offer a free demo and some of the tools in the package for free. If you invest in this package you can track an unlimited amount of apps and regions. You’ll see what keywords your competitors are using and get good suggestions of keywords you should use. They will even alert you directly if something worrisome is happening. Here’s a video showing one of the tools in this package:

3. Searchman

If you are somewhat familiar with SEO you’ll like Searchman! It focuses on keywords and is simple to use.  Start the free trial and see for yourself. By collecting a massive amount of keywords and rankings it makes it easy for you to prioritize right.Analyze your competitions keywords and rank high in the App Store

4. Sensor Tower

Probably the most well known tool that help you analyze your App Store competition.
This is well tested and very much appreciated by app creators all over the world.
You can try this ASO tool for free, when the trial is over it costs $79 a month for the cheapest plan. The most special thing about Sensor Tower is that they help you make your app global. They give you correct translations of all the keywords you want!Know what keywords your competition is targeting easily

5. Appcodes

A cheap tool that helps you find keywords with low competition. The tool is specialized so you can position yourself at the top for these keywords. By ranking high on many “small keywords” you’ll get downloads easily!
This tool also takes the tracking of your competition a bit further. They show you all their press releases and if they get mentioned somewhere.Keep track of your competition closely with Appcodes

Choose one or some of these tools and start analyzing your competition today.
When you’ve done analyzing it’s time to hit them hard and knock them down from the rankings!

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