We all know of the many uses of an iPhone, well, here are the uses we do not know that will surprise you.

1. Get a baby!

free menstrual cycle

You are probably wondering how the hell… Yes the iPhone comes with the app free menstrual cycle calendar. With this you can be able to monitor your menstrual cycle. You can easily know your most fertile period and when it is not the time to try as hard. There are actual success stories of women who got pregnant after using the app to chart their menstrual cycles. The opposite of this is that the app will help you monitor your safe days too.

2. Tells you when your baby wakes up

CodeGoo baby monitor

With the app CodeGoo’s baby monitor, you need not worry about your sleeping child. This app is designed such that it can monitor the baby’s movements and sound so that when your baby wakes up it makes a call to certain number. This way you can go about your chores normally without the worry of not hearing your child’s cries when they wake up. It comes in handy for the heavy sleepers. Your sleep may be too heavy to hear the child cry but is it too heavy for an iPhone next to you with the volume maximum? Didn’t think so.

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3. Car keys

Car keys

You can start your car remotely, turn on and the alarm randomly when you have parked your car in a not so safe region, unlock the doors and the trunk, turn the heat on… the list is endless. The Viper app enables you to do all these tasks from your iPhone. But be sure to carry your keys though, your iPhone may be stolen or the battery dies and just like that you have no means of getting home. J

4. Making sick calls with the Call In Sick app

Call In Sick app

This app is not for you who is very integral, so you can skip this. The iPhone has an app that will disguise your voice to portray pain, a cold, nausea and other symptoms that you can tell from the voice. Use this Call In Sick app for that day you need a break from work, or an annoying date, or when all you want to do is turn in and not turn up.

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