1. Use the title to your advantage

Apps can have pretty long titles. Make sure to take advantage of this. Instead of just naming your app “Pirates” instead name it “Pirates: A fun and free game” for example. This makes sure people searching for any of the words can find you through their searches. This in turn leads to more visibility and more downloads. More downloads in turn leads to higher ranking.

2. Have relevant keywords in the app description

Similar to the above point you need to take advantage of the description. If you have a game you might want to have “fun”, “action”, “fps” and so on in your description. However you don’t need to have “fun game”, “action game” separate. It should look like this: “fun, game, action”. Also, the words in your title doesn’t need to be in the app description. Use this space for other words!

3. Use Facebook Connect

If your app is connected to the users Facebook account their friends will see that they are using it. They can also invite their friends via Facebook. This will lead to more downloads. You should also mention something about Facebook in your description, your Facebook Fan Page or the ability to follow your Facebook friends for example. By doing this you might rank on the search term “Facebook” which is one of the most searched apps.

4. Have a free version

If your app costs money you should release a free version. These are often called “App Name Lite/Free”. Lite and free are some of the most common search terms in the app store. By ranking on them you can get more views on your paid app.
In our previous post you can learn how to convert users from the free app to the paid one.

5. Get reviews

There are several ways to go about getting reviews. When your starting out, have friends and family write some sweet five star reviews for you. You can have a popup in your app encouraging people to rate it. Rewarding them by giving them some extra feature in the app is a nice way to do this.
High reviews help you get a high rank in the App Store
Getting this many high reviews is great for your ranking!

6. Use other marketing

Your rankings in the App Store is heavily affected by the number of downloads you have. While ranking high in the App Store results in more downloads, there are a lot of different ways to get downloads. You can advertise for the app on Facebook, reach out to influencers in your niche and so on. If they write your complete App name and provide a picture of your logo people will find your App easily.

7. Update your app

By updating your app often it’s always fresh in the App Store eyes. This will help it rank higher. It’s something most apps should be doing anyway! Adding new content, more features or tweak the design.

8. Get your app fast

No one likes a slow and laggy app. Make sure that your app loads fast and run smooth while active. This will help the rankings but also keep people from uninstalling your app. If a high percentage of people uninstall your app it’s not good for rankings.
Make sure your app is fast, this will help you rank high in the App Store

9. Change category

This won’t work for all apps but some can actually fit in to multiple categories or subcategories.
Only do this if you actually think it’s a good idea and your app can fit in another category.
See what category best fits your app, you might rank higher in another one

10. Check your progress

As with everything, tracking and analyzing is key. Switch out some keywords and see how that impacts your ranking the App Store for example.

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