We are a team of mobile app developers who have had success making apps to assist SLPs in their work.

1. Describe It (SLP)

Describe It (SLP)


This app will be of most use to your student who has problems describing things. By giving audio clues to students in the 7 most basic description criteria, i.e. taste, touch, function, sight, hearing, smell, and category, your student will learn how to describe. The student will be required to describe an image before a time limit passes.

2. Language Forest


Language Forest


This is a language app that uses the power of being engaged. You can not only add synonyms, antonyms and meanings but also record audios. Once you do this click on the save button and this will be saved in a quiz section. You can take the quiz later and it gives a range of scores. This app has a lot to offer, just get it and see!

3. Let’s Name Things Fun Deck


Let's Name Things Fun Deck


This is a colorful app that is very easy to use. The app will give a picture, drawing, sketch, figure, image etc. and your student has the option of either is to listening to a command by touching the screen or reading the command out load. The app will give a score on how the student has done.

4. See.Touch.Learn




This is one of the most used app and has won many awards. It saves you the cost of buying many flashcards. It has many images and exercises. Having this app will ensure that you never lose any flash card and you will not have to carry bulky flash cards with you.

5. Pocket Artic


Pocket Artic


One of the best features of this app is the fact that it has detailed pictures to show the movement of the tongue when pronouncing a word. You can also make decks for each student to suit them and view more than one student at a time.

6. Opposite Day


Opposite Day


This is the best opposite app you can get. This is because the opposites are just not random words. They are put into different categories, i.e. adjectives, noun, prepositions etc. making you learn other language parts as you learn opposites.

7. TapToTalk™




This is an app that can apply to both children and adults with special needs. It has been made to be very easy to use; all you need to do is tap the picture and the app will speak. It offers English, Spanish, French, German and Italian among other languages.

8. Articulation Station


Articulation Station


This app is developed by certified SLPs to enable a student to speak sounds more clearly at the word, sentence and story level. The app has matching games, flash activity, rotating sentences and many more features.

9. Tell Me A Story (SLP)


Tell Me A Story (SLP)


Your students can make their own movies using this app. Talk about being involved. This app has 4 classic stories that your students can watch and retell using their own words. They can change the theme, move the characters around the screen and at the same time record audios of their retells to listen to them later.

10. Category Carousel


Category Carousel


For the best way to classify different words, this app is ideal. Students can touch pictures, hear the word and drag them to a category where they belong. This can go on to sub-category and so on enabling a student get skills in building and storing words.

This is a list of apps that can help ease work and help people with speech language problems. Some of these apps i.e. Describe It, Category Carousel, Language Forest, Tell Me a Story & Opposite Day were developed by our team and we continue to develop more of the best SLPs apps. I hope you liked our selection of the best SLP app.

Is there any other app missing? If yes, then please mention it in the comments below.

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