“We are a team of app developers who specialize in medical apps. Apps that a doctors will find very useful in their practice. We have compiled a list of apps a doctor will appreciate and these are some of them.”

1. Doximity



If you are a doctor and you find a hard time finding people you can connect with, this is the app you should have on your phone. It is a networking app for doctors and physicians can use to communicate.

2. Medscape



This is app provides information on drug dosage across all age groups medical calculators and formulas to calculate the dosage.

3. Skyscape



This is a medical directory that will provide you with summaries of medical journals, that can be used academically and by practicing medical practitioners. It gathers information from numerous trustable sources for the easy access to anyone who may need it. It has many more additional features including a medical calculator with more than 200 interactive tools, organized by specialty.

4. 3D4Medical Images & Animations



This app is developed for doctors who deal with internal organs and surgeons. It is developed by 3D computer software for the analysis of the bones and body organs giving realistic images and animations of these body parts. It can also be used by students during studies when actual specimens are not available. These images can be marked for future reference and shared to colleagues and friends.

5. Epocrates



This app has a vast number of resources that can be accesses easily and remotely for clinical officers and nurses. It provides information on drug combinations, identify pills by imprint code, and perform many calculations for example BMI and GFR and access to the latest news in your field.

6. AirStrip – Cardiology



AirStrip app is for doctors who practice cardiology that will enable precise and timely diagnosis of a cardiac patient. Additionally, this app enables virtual links between different teams and systems in a hospital for example an ambulance transporting a patient to the hospital. This way information about the patient can be uploaded before the ambulance arrives and the necessary arrangements made in advance at the hospital.

7. The Blood Gas Handbook

The Blood Gas Handbook


With this app, analysis of blood gas is made easier as it gives guidance to the evaluation of arterial oxygen status. This is vital in determining the condition of very ill patients. Due to the large data that may need to be interpreted that results from many possible parameters, fast and accurate analysis is very hard. This app was developed for that. Since not every condition can be covered, you may need to run more tests but the app will give you an idea of where to start.

8. ICath



This app takes indications of diagnostic catheterization and clinical scenarios for coronary revascularization and reformats them for fast and not so complicated access on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It bases its criteria on the latest guidelines and while it may be very useful, clinical officers should know the criteria guidelines before using the app.

9. CARDIO3® Comprehensive Atlas of Echocardiography



This is an ideal learning tool for heart surgeons, internists, other physicians, and sonographers evaluating digital images of the beating heart for ultrasound diagnosis.

10. CliniCalc Medical Calculator

CliniCalc Medical Calculator


This is one of the apps we developed that will really be of assistance to doctors who need to do complex calculations and remember numerous scores and classifications . We developed it such that you can store your most favourite searches for formulas, formulas, using keyword for easier and more convenient access.

These apps are developed by experienced software and app developers in conjunction with health practitioners in the relevant fields. This is the process we were involved in when developing the CliniCalc Medical Calculator. The app is an example of the apps we are able and hope to develop in the future to cover the rising need of such medical apps. We also hope that this will be of guidance when downloading your next app.

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