Since iPhones are increasing in popularity, there are many different kinds of sports apps especially introduced for sports fanatics, out of which, 10 best apps are listed below:

1. Fantasy Football


This is a mind blowing app which enables you to check in your team anytime. Even if you are away from your computer, you do not need to worry about your team and there is no need to even refresh the pages again and again.

2. Fantasy Baseball


This wonderful app will absolutely keep you busy and enables you to update your team whenever you want as well as get all the information you need.

3. Golf Shot


This is a perfect app for you if you love golf. It is the ultimate golfing experience since it has more than 30,000 courses to play with many other wonderful features.

4. Fifa 15 Ultimate Time


This app is perfect for football lovers. This game allows you to build up your dream squad of footballers from over 10,000 players. It features 30 leagues and stadiums.

5. Golf Plan


If your day is going very slow, this app is just for you, if you want to kill your time and especially if you love golf. You will see an immediate improvement in your game, with the 28 new indoor drill videos it has.

6. 8 Ball Pool


This game helps you refine your skills. It allows you to enter tournaments and win trophies you can enter different locations and play with the best pool players.

7. NBA Game Time


This is a perfect app for you if you are a basketball fan, since this app enables you to display all 30 teams of the NBA.

8. Hockey Goal


This app is just for hockey lovers since it allows hockey fans to stick to their team with songs and goal horns of their favorite hockey team. This app is full of fun since you create your own sounds as well.

9. Golf Mobile


It features realistic golf courses that allow single and multiplayers to enjoy. It requires fast internet connection. You can play this game all day without getting bored.

10. Real Cricket


It is the fastest growing cricket game. Cricket fans can now enjoy playing cricket all day on iPhone. They can choose from cricket players from 16 nations and 8 master teams consisting of legends.


iPhones give you several sports apps for you to enjoy. You can play all these wonderful games with just a tap on the screen. These wonderful sports apps are no less than a treat if you own I phone. Enjoy these wonderful and mind blowing games and take your life to the next level.


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